Flannery says lies cloud climate change action

Flannery says lies cloud climate change action


Australia’s chief climate commissioner Professor Tim Flannery says Australians have been misled by “lies” about global efforts to tackle climate change.

At the same time he said Australian’s were increasingly less fearful of the minority federal Labor government’s pollution price.

The Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been strongly criticised for breaking her promise not to introduce a carbon price.

Professor Flannery says on the flip-side people have been repeatedly told the world isn’t acting, when it is.

The Climate Commission today released a report that indicates by next year 33 countries and 18 sub-national jurisdictions will have a carbon price in place.

“These schemes could be expected to cover around 850 million people, around 30 per cent of the global economy and around 20 per cent of global emissions,” the report, The Critical Decade: International Action on Climate Change, states.

Professor Flannery says the report proves the world is moving on climate change.

“We’ve been misled here in Australia by a couple of lies,” the environmentalist said.

“One is that the world isn’t acting and the other is what Australia does is not important.”

Professor Flannery said even he was “astonished” to discover the extent and diversity of action.

The commission chief was surprised Japan has emissions trading in Tokyo and Saitama, covering 20 million people, and that South Africa will introduce a nationwide carbon price in 2013.

He was also impressed by the extent of Canada and China’s responses.

In Canada the provinces of Quebec and British Columbia have carbon price schemes while Alberta introduced emissions trading in 2006. Quebec will follow suit next year.

The Chinese government will introduce trading schemes in seven cities and provinces from 2013.

The commission report also notes that China is a global leader in renewable energy.

“It’s doing hugely well,” Professor Flannery said.

“It’s got half the world’s installed wind capacity.”

The report points out Australia is the 15th largest emitter in the world and the biggest polluter per person in the developed world.

It argues that as one of 20 “carbon heavyweights” that contribute 75 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, Australia is influential.

Professor Flannery believes since Labor’s controversial carbon price started on July 1 people have developed a greater understanding of its real-world impact and their earlier fears have faded.

“But since then the experience that we’re hearing back from a lot of people is that a lot of the fear has gone out of it,” he said.

The climate commission was established in early 2011 by the Labor government to promote the case for tackling dangerous climate change.

The full report is available here: http://climatecommission.gov.au/report/the-critical-decade-international-action-climate-change/


  1. The solution to the misinformation campaign is simple. Remove the statute of limitations – all to be responsible for all their actions (including publications) for all time, & with triple damages if knowingly false.

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  2. Climate Change facts
    Google will give background on my work
    I sat on UNCTAD UNFCCC UNCCD assemblies 96-02 planning on lowering CO2e without serious impact to business and nations accounts.

    2005 PRC government engaged me as foreign expert to lower CO2e and grow food fodder soil, soil-carbon in deserts. I advise CBEX (stock Exchange) NDRC (public Works) SME etc. Best is working with Farmers in deserts reversal lowering CO2e.

    The reason I write as one much involved at the Coal Face is to give you leads on best understanding on Climate Change based on science and so not to frighten the public.
    These sudden expanding climate events is anthropogenic but manageable

    300 years (from start of industrial revolution) mass stripping of nations (continents) back to deserts emits CO2 and CH4. Very specific aerosol dusts and
    The heat reflected to the upper atmosphere increases Suns heat coming in. Such land clearing adds to environ climate Change.
    • USA a good case and point the mass natural plains were cleared and with no heat absorbing vegetation wind over now deserts they with rising heat turned to tornadoes.
    • Mass clearing of Chile by Europeans created deserts so when La Nina (the Christ Child) Christmas flowed the heat region accelerated the flow.
    • This jointing El Nino winds down from Russia cold air down across the met La Nina! The wind and current meet expand across the greater Pacific.
    • So even here in Australia mass land clearing of vegetation adds to heat reflection and allows water to rapid flow whereas previously the vegetation slowed even allowed sequestration into soil/aquifers.
    • So rising HEAT from now DESERTS creating WINDS that sees EVAPORATION building CLOUDS the winds now move in a different DIRECTION hence WEATHER PATTERNS are increasing and yes that’s CLIMATE CHANGE
    • IT is anthropogenic and with it impacting at a rate not recorded previously we need to address such.
    • Without the historical loss of volume of CO2e vegetation to sequester CO2e the Carbon Cycle has stalled. CO2e remains aloft

    • Coal fired power Stations are but defacto volcanoes the emission Nox Sox hit by the SUNS radiation become essential nitrates sulfates for all living matter to breathe or sequester.
    • The only assets of all living matter Soil Water Vegetation Atmosphere all else but commodities
    • Trees rice cotton most grains vegetables and grasses take biomass carbon from the soil not the atmosphere.

    Hope it helps

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