China wind, solar power to rise by 21% in 2016

China wind, solar power to rise by 21% in 2016


China, the world’s biggest clean energy investor, plans to increase wind and solar power capacity by more than 21 per cent next year as it works to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by cutting its reliance on coal.

The nation is targeting at least 20 gigawatts (Gw) of new wind power installations and 15Gw of additional photovoltaic capacity next year, the National Energy Administration said in a statement.

China-coal-burning-power-plantBloomberg newsagency reports China has pledged to peak carbon emissions around 2030, by which time it aims to derive 20 per cent of the energy it uses from clean sources.

China will also stop approving new coal mines in the next three years, the Xinhua News Agency reported, citing National Energy Administration head Nur Bekri.

The world’s biggest producer of carbon emissions is expected at the end of this year to have a total of 120Gw of wind power, 43Gw of solar, and 320Gw of hydro power, the NEA said.

Workers at Dafeng Power StationTo accommodate the clean energy additions, China will promote the construction of electricity networks, the agency said.

China will also accelerate hydro power construction in the southwest, the NEA said.

To subsidise renewable-energy projects, the nation plans to raise a surcharge applied to electricity bills by about 27 per cent to 0.019 yuan a kilowatt-hour, China’s top-economy agency, the National Development and Reform Commission, said.

China_solar_photovoltaic_system_rooftopBloomberg reports the move, which will come into effect on January 1, could help ease the mismatch between the surcharges and what the government pays out to renewable power developers.

At the moment, the gap is threatening the nation’s plans to use more clean energy as part of efforts to combat climate change.