Friday 12 February 2016

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CSIRO shakeup chops into climate science jobs

As part of a massive shake-up of Australia’s premier science organisation, the CSIRO, the climate science divisions of the organisation are expected to be pared back. ABC News reports cuts are expected to be made within the Oceans and Atmosphere […]

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Tasmania fire devastation shows signs of ‘system collapse’

As experts warn such incidents are signs of a changing climate the first images to emerge from within Tasmania's fire-affected World Heritage Area (WHA) have illustrated the level


Bishop defends LibNat govt amid climate summit criticism

The Foreign Minister in Australia’s conservative Liberal-National government, Julie Bishop, has mounted a defence on multiple fronts over criticism at the United Nations sponsored climate summit in Paris. LNP


Aust clean energy spend fell 31% under Abbott-led govt

Despite a record US$320bn going into the sector worldwide, the hostility of Australia’s former conservative Liberal-National Prime Minister Tony Abbott towards renewable energy paralysed growth in Australia. Uncertainty over


Legal experts: Lib-Nat govt green ‘sabotage’ crackdown would backfire

Legal experts say plans by Australia’s conservative Liberal-National federal government to stop environmentalists "sabotaging" major projects could actually result in more time being spent in the courts. Earlier this

Galilee Basin Coal mines

Green groups to fight Lib-Nat govt’s ‘bizzare’ litigation plan

Environment groups are preparing to battle Australia’s conservative Liberal-National federal government's plans to stymie litigation against major development projects. The government move follows a successful court challenge to the


CCA: ‘substantially weaker’ emission targets not enough

The body charged with advising Australia’s conservative Liberal-National government on climate change matters has seriously questioned the government’s proposed new carbon emissions targets, describing them as “substantially weak”. The


Lib-Nat PM Abbott defends ‘weak’ climate targets

The conservative Liberal-National Prime Minister Tony Abbott has defended Australia's new climate targets, saying they strike the right balance between protecting the economy and the environment. His defence follows


Labor, Greens slam ‘pathetically weak’ 26% carbon target

As soon as the conservative Liberal-National Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced Australia's new greenhouse gas emissions target it was immediately criticised by environmental groups and opposition politicians for


Lib-Nat govt under fire over ‘pathetic’ emissions target

Environment groups and political opponents have slammed as “pathetic” a potential goal by Australia’s conservative Liberal-National government to slash Australia's carbon pollution by a meagre 15 to 25

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