Thursday 24 April 2014

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Direct Action not looked at by audit commission

Australia’s conservative Liberal-National government’s Commission of Audit did not consider the government’s multibillion-dollar Direct Action carbon reduction plan, and key details of the scheme remain unknown. The head of the audit of government spending, Tony Shepherd, has said that the …

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Palmer, Lib-Nat govt collide over climate policy

Australia’s conservative Liberal-National government appears headed for a tough battle in getting its controversial Direct Action climate change plan through parliament. With the opposition Labor Party and the


Lib-Nat govt resists deep carbon cuts pressure

Australia’s conservative Liberal-National government has given little sign that it will sign up to the deep pollution cuts recommended in the latest report by the United Nations panel


Sea Shepherd: Japan returning to whale hunt

Japan may have said it will abide by an international court ruling banning its whale hunting but it seems that does not means it has given up on


Australia wins Japan whaling case in ICJ

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has come down in favour of a case brought by Australia and ruled Japan must immediately stop its whaling program in the


Carbon law repeal sets election trigger, CEFC keeps lending

The conservative Liberal-National government has given itself a potential double-dissolution election trigger after parliament's lower house again passed a carbon price repeal bill previously rejected by the upper


Senate inquiry rejects Direct Action, wants higher target

An Australian upper house Senate inquiry into the conservative Liberal-National government’s proposed Direct Action climate plan has called on the scheme to be ditched. The Senate panel concluded


‘Living dead’ species consigned to extinction

The dramatic ongoing loss of Australian animal and plant species has prompted influential scientists to call on governments to start making tough decisions about which ones to save,


Alliance opposes carbon price repeal

Leading welfare, research, environment and trade union groups have today urged Australia’s upper house Senate not to repeal clean energy laws "especially given the absence of credible government


Fraser: Lib-Nat govt climate action ‘indefensible’

The head of the Australian government’s independent Climate Change Authority (CAA) has strongly rebuked the conservative Liberal-National government for its attitude to climate change Chair of the CCA and

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