Saturday 01 November 2014

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Lib-Nat govt finally gets Direct Action climate plan

More than three months after repealing Australia’s carbon price laws the conservative Liberal-National government has finally succeeded in replacing the former Labor government’s climate policy with one of its own. After a marathon debate that stretched into the early hours …

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Lib-Nat govt bypasses Senate on fuel tax

Australian motorists face higher petrol costs within weeks after the conservative Liberal-National government bypassed the upper house Senate to reintroduce fuel excise indexation. However, the government's backdoor use of


RET cut risks clean energy jobs and investments

An industry group has said New South Wales stands to lose as much as $2.5 billion in investment in 10 approved wind farms that will not proceed if


Labor rejects Lib-Nat govt cuts to RET

The opposition Labor Party has flatly rejected the conservative Liberal-National government’s plans for changes to Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET). In a statement last night Labor said it would


Lib-Nat govt to cut RET back to ‘real’ 20 per cent

In a move that would seriously inhibit future development of major renewable energy projects the conservative Liberal-National government has revealed its position on the future of Australia’s Renewable


Palmer hints at Direct Action deal with govt

Federal politician and mining magnate the Palmer United Party leader Clive Palmer has confirmed he's had "very productive" talks with the conservative Liberal-National government about its Direct Action


Australia bottoms out in green leadership index

There’s probably no surprise in the fact that Australia has ended up second last in the latest Global Green Economy Index (GGEI), ranking 57 out of 58


Labor makes some RET concessions

The aluminium sector appears set to receive an exemption from Australia’s contentious Renewable Energy Target (RET) after the opposition Labor Party hinted at concessions on the nation’s flagship

Wind turbines

Parties agree ‘no case’ for RET change

The leaders of three non-government parties, including the Labor opposition have agreed there is no case for a change to Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET). Labor leader Bill Shorten


Greens offer Direct Action deal to save RET

In a surprise move the leader of the Australian Greens Party, Senator Christine Milne, has thrown Australia’s conservative Liberal-National government a lifeline that could rescue its beleaguered Direct

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