Monday 22 December 2014

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Oceans chocked with 270,000 tonnes of plastic

There are plastic shopping bags, bottles, toys, action figures, bottle caps, pacifiers, tooth brushes, boots, buckets, deodorant roller balls, umbrella handles, fishing gear, toilet seats and so much more. Plastic pollution is pervasive in the Earth’s oceans.

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Brazil protects huge swathe of Amazon rainforest

The Brazilian government has revealed it has put an environmentally rich area of the Amazon rainforest under federal protection, creating a reserve larger than the United States state


Australia’s waters full of plastic that we put there

The world's largest collection of marine debris information has identified Australia's coastal rubbish is mainly plastic from Australian sources. In a report released today, CSIRO scientist Dr Denise Hardesty


PNG sustainable development ‘visionary’

The world's largest conservation organisation has described as “visionary” the sustainable development work of Papua New Guinea. PNG's National Strategy for Responsible Development, launched in April by Planning Minister


EU decides to bag the plastic shopping bag

The European Parliament has voted in favour of curbing the use of thin plastic bags in the European Union by 50 per cent by 2017 and 80 per


CSIRO: some remote beaches are most polluted

With A massive coastline Australia prides itself on its beaches but a new study of the country’s dirtiest and cleanest beaches has revealed some surprising results. Researchers from the


‘Living dead’ species consigned to extinction

The dramatic ongoing loss of Australian animal and plant species has prompted influential scientists to call on governments to start making tough decisions about which ones to save,


Largest solar plant may be California’s last

One of the world's largest solar projects, using heat from the sun to generate power in California, has opened but may be the last of its kind in


Corporate volunteers go native with Landcare

Lane Cove National Park, in the New South Wales state capital Sydney, has received an environmental lift as up to 150 people from 15 companies learnt new skills


Wetlands photo comp marks national tree day

Who would have thought that Australia’s most important trees live in and around wetlands? The iconic river red gum, mangrove and tea tree are some of Australia’s best-known wetland

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