Friday 18 April 2014

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Gas pipeline plan for expanded Qld port

A Hong Kong-based company wants to spend about $100 million so it can pipe gas from the Cooper Basin to a north Queensland port for export to Asian markets. The plan comes on top of a major expansion of the …

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High-speed rail possible sooner and cheaper

According to research released today high-speed rail linking Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane would reduce carbon emissions and provide a profitable and popular service. The research also shows that it


EU tells Abbott it wants climate on G20 agenda

First it was the United States and President Barack Obama, now the Europe Union has urged conservative Liberal-National Prime Minister Tony Abbott to put climate change on the


US puts G20 heat on Abbott for climate action

Australia’s conservative Liberal-National Prime Minister has been put in a potentially embarrassing position as the United States steps up pressure for climate change to be a major focus


Study finds most Australians drive to work

A study of census data has found that nearly two in three Australians drive to work in a private car while only one in 10 commuters relies on


WEF: Climate poses severe global economic risk

It’s probably not really what Australia’s conservative Liberal-National Prime Minister Tony Abbott wants to hear while he struts the stage at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in the


Study: high-speed rail $30bn cheaper than thought

According to a comprehensive new study of high-speed rail along Australia’s east coast it could be $30 billion cheaper than first thought and repay its costs entirely within


Labor pledges funds for high-speed rail

Australia’s Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has announced funding to take the next steps towards building a multi-billion-dollar high-speed rail network on Australia's east coast. The project, which would


It’s official Great Barrier Reef’s health ‘poor’

A new government report card shows the health of Australia’s World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef has dropped from moderate to poor. The long-awaited and just released Australian


$190bn underestimate on high-speed rail profits

An environmental think tank says the profit from a Melbourne to Brisbane high-speed-rail link has been underestimated by a massive $190 billion. Researchers at independent think-tank Beyond Zero Emissions

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