Saturday 06 February 2016

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G20 commits to higher growth, fight climate change

Australia’s conservative Liberal-National Prime Minister did not even want it discussed but there was no denying that climate change was front and centre at the G20 global leaders summit in the Queensland state capital, Brisbane. At the end of their […]

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US set to pledge $2.5bn to green climate fund

In what is being seen as something of a rebuff to G20 summit host nation Australia the United States is expected to unveil a huge $2.5 billion pledge


Shorten: Abbott ‘stubborn isolationist’ on climate

Labor opposition leader Bill Shorten has accused Australia’s conservative Liberal-National Prime Minister Tony Abbott of "stubborn isolationism" on climate change as world leaders gather on the eve of


Aust urged to catch up with US/China climate deal

Australia is being urged to take action as an immediate response to the agreement between China and the United States on a new set of ambitious targets to


Religious group says G20 must act on climate

In a joint call to G20 global leaders a group of religious leaders have urged them to act on climate change, end fossil fuel subsidies and quickly move


Climate change becomes something of a G20 illusion

It appears that while the conservative Liberal-National government has tried to give the impressions that it has bowed to international pressure on the question of climate change being


Brisbane airport ban claims third advertiser

Three organisations, including an official group and an environmental campaign, have been banned from advertising at the international airport in the Queensland state capital, Brisbane, before the G20


Green groups win time for dumping challenge

Green groups have won more time to legally challenge compromise plans to dump dredge spoil from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park on land. Australia’s conservative Liberal-National government last


G20 climate change pressure mounts on Abbott

The desire of the United States President Barack Obama to leave a legacy could force Australia into an embarrassing back down on its attempt to keep climate change


Air pollution kills 1600 Australians each year

Deaths from poor air quality run into the millions in the frequently chocked cities of China but a new report points out that Australians are not immune and

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