Tuesday 09 February 2016

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Study: noise pollution affects quarter of Europeans

The European Environment Agency (EEA) has warned that harmful levels of road traffic noise affect one in four people in Europe and raise health risks ranging from sleepless nights to heart disease. In a first EEA assessment of the impact […]

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Air pollution kills 1600 Australians each year

Deaths from poor air quality run into the millions in the frequently chocked cities of China but a new report points out that Australians are not immune and


Most cities fail UN’s new pollution guidelines

Many of the world’s cities are “enveloped in dirty air” that is dangerous breathe, the United Nations World Health Organisation (WHO) said today. At the same time the


Almost half US breathing unhealthy air

New research in the United States shows that more than 147 million Americans live in counties that have unhealthy levels of either ozone or particle pollution. That’s according the


Air pollution linked to higher heart failure risk

According to a review of past studies that suggests a need for tighter regulation of exhaust fumes and other pollutants, exposure to air pollution raises the risk of


Traffic pollution, noise linked to heart diseases

According to a German study, which for the first time explored the links between the two, exposure to traffic pollution and noise can in the long run lead

US-President-Barack Obama

Obama starts US environmental push

United States President, Barack Obama, has pitched the first major environmental effort of his second term in a bid to slash smog-forming emissions from petrol. His move against the


Tiny pollutant causing surge in heart deaths

New research shows exposure to higher levels of fine particulates, the airborne pollution that is an emerging problem in many Asian cities, causes a sharp rise in deaths


Experts: ‘flawed’ food plan is for big business

Health experts say Australia’s minority Labor government's draft national food plan is flawed because it prioritises the demands of big business over the nutritional needs of the public.


Climate alliance challenges Vic/NSW wind farm claims

There is no credible evidence that living near turbines is bad for people’s physical well-being according to a leading alliance of health and welfare groups and they have

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