Saturday 20 September 2014

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Aust govt Reef plan aims to quieten UNESCO

A plan by Australia’s conservative Liberal-National government to protect the Great Barrier Reef over the next 35 years has stopped short of banning the dumping of dredge spoil into the marine park. At the same time opponents of the government’s …

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China carbon market to aim for 40% cut by 2020

A Chinese government official has revealed the country's national carbon market is likely to regulate three to four billion tonnes of carbon dioxide by 2020 and be worth


China coal cap, import curbs in draft pollution law

The draft version of a new air pollution law aimed at combating China’s smog problems indicates the country would impose a national cap on coal consumption and a


Researchers: Barrier Reef environmental offsets flawed

According to Australian researchers setting aside areas for conservation in exchange for permission to undertake development is riddled with loopholes, problems and conflicts of interest. The practice, known as


UN climate summit adds Cameron to 125 leaders

The United Kingdom’s Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron is the latest name added to 125 world leaders attending a major United Nations climate change summit in New York


UCal won’t divest but spend big on climate change

In the United States the University of California has a US$91 billion investment portfolio and a task force has recommended that it does not divest fossil fuel holdings


IEA: energy efficiency key social development tool

According to a new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) today the benefits of energy efficiency go well beyond the simple scaling back of energy demand. In


Greenhouse gas in fastest rise since 1984

According to new United Nations figures a surge in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) saw levels of greenhouse gases reach record levels in 2013. Concentrations of carbon dioxide in the


Enviro groups: ‘ambitious’ climate deal needed

A group of environmental organisations has urged world leaders to take serious action on climate change in order to successfully reach a global agreement in Paris in 2015.


Waste dump plan reprieve for Barrier Reef at a cost

The conservative Liberal- National Party (LNP) state government in Queensland has approved a plan to stop dredge waste from a coal port expansion being dumped in the World

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