Tuesday 01 September 2015

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Galilee Basin Coal mines

Green groups to fight Lib-Nat govt’s ‘bizzare’ litigation plan

Environment groups are preparing to battle Australia’s conservative Liberal-National federal government’s plans to stymie litigation against major development projects. The government move follows a successful court challenge to the environmental approval of Indian company Adani’s multi-billion-dollar Carmichael coal mine in […]

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UK govt climate adviser lashes Lib-Nat PM Abbott

Lord Deben, head of the United Kingdom Committee on Climate Change, has strongly criticised Australia’s 2030 carbon emissions reduction target saying it puts the country among “don’t cares”. Australia’s


Study: China air pollution kills 4000 a day

According to researchers, who cited coal burning as the likely principal cause, air pollution is killing an average of 4000 people a day in China. Deaths related to the


Trans Borneo Challenge sets out to save orangutans

Passionate conservationist and EcoNews regular Lara Shannon embarks on an epic 25-day journey to save the orangutans in her debut documentary The Trans Borneo Challenge this Saturday, August


Rich nations’ climate plans fall short for Paris summit

Developed nations are on track to cut their greenhouse emissions by almost 30 per cent by 2030, falling far short of a halving suggested by a United Nations


Lib-Nat PM Abbott defends ‘weak’ climate targets

The conservative Liberal-National Prime Minister Tony Abbott has defended Australia's new climate targets, saying they strike the right balance between protecting the economy and the environment. His defence follows


Marshall Islands slams Aust 2030 carbon targets

Pacific island nation Marshall Islands has strongly criticised Australia's 2030 emissions reduction target, saying if the rest world followed Australia's lead, vulnerable nations would disappear. In a statement, Marshall


Labor, Greens slam ‘pathetically weak’ 26% carbon target

As soon as the conservative Liberal-National Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced Australia's new greenhouse gas emissions target it was immediately criticised by environmental groups and opposition politicians for


Increasingly money going to ethical investing

Investors are increasingly lining up their money with their morals, with ethical investments growing by almost a quarter over the past year. According to the Responsible Investment Association Australasia


Lib-Nat govt plans 26 per cent carbon cut by 2030

Australia’s conservative Liberal-National government is set to announce today that it plans to cut the country’s carbon emissions by at least 26 per cent from 2005 levels by

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