Tuesday 29 July 2014

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CEFC proves its worth as it dodges Lib-Nat axe

After its first full year in operation, and having so far dodged attempts by the conservative Liberal-National government to wipe it out, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has generated more than $3 billion in investment in renewable energy and …

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BRICS $100bn sustainable development bank

The group representing the world’s largest developing economies, BRICS, has established its own $100 billion international bank, to promote sustainable investment and to act as an emergency reserve. To


RET review head in row over Palmer attack

The head of the conservative Liberal-National government’s review of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET) has become embroiled in a row over comments made about the politics of the


India doubles tax on coal to fund clean energy

Since his election in May, India's new Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised huge renewable energy projects to tackle India’s primary issue with reliable electricity, with an election


Germany tops, Aust 10th in global energy efficiency

A new report reveals huge opportunities for energy efficiency improvements globally, while ranking Australia in tenth position. While it may not command the same level of celebration as a


EEA tells EU to tax environment not labour

The director of the European Environment Agency, Hans Bruyninckx, has urged European Union ministers to carry out fiscal reforms, such as moving tax from labour, to activities that


Study finds 2013 one of hottest years ever

A new study has shown that last year was one of the world’s 10 hottest in records going back to the 19th century as concentrations of climate-changing greenhouses


Widespread condemnation of carbon price repeal

There’s been widespread condemnation of the repeal by the conservative Liberal-National government of Australia’s carbon price laws, the first such move by any country. The removal of the carbon


Britain urges deeper EU carbon market reforms

Britain wants deeper reforms to the European Union Emissions Trading System (ETS) than those proposed by the European Commission and Germany, favouring cancelling hundreds of millions of carbon


Obama unveils climate change adaption measures

In an effort to help states and communities in the United States adapt to climate change, President Barack Obama has announced new measures to make the country's infrastructure

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