Tuesday 22 July 2014

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Lib-Nat govt votes away Aust carbon price laws

Fulfilling a key election promise of conservative Liberal-National Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Australia no longer has a carbon price after the government finally secured enough Senate support to repeal the laws. The final vote to repeal the carbon price laws …

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Bill Shorten leaving the Grocon offices

Shorten: ‘better sold’ ETS on next election agenda

Australia’s opposition leader Bill Shorten has vowed Labor will take an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) to the next federal election, despite the carnage climate policy has inflicted on


New study links dredging to diseased corals

A world-first study published today warns that dredging activity near coral reefs can increase the frequency of diseases affecting corals and could have significance for plans to dredge


China carbon emitters hit market targets

A Chinese government official has said nearly every carbon emitter covered by China's largest pilot emissions scheme met a compliance deadline. At the same time permit prices slipped to


China may announce emissions cap next year

China’s lead climate-treaty negotiator has said the country hopes to announce “very ambitious” goals to cut carbon-dioxide output after 2020 and may announce during the first half of


China critical of EU carbon permits scheme

China's top climate negotiator has said the European Union handed out too many free carbon permits in its Emissions Trading System (ETS) and did not set a deep


ARENA endorse geothermal roadmap for Aust

Australia’s leading renewable energy agency ARENA has endorsed the International Geothermal Expert Group’s (IGEG) report on the barriers and opportunities for geothermal energy in Australia. The board of the


Murdoch ridicules climate change, says ‘Maldives might vanish’

The only outcome of climate change might be that the Maldives disappears beneath the sea but that was no reason for Australia to be building “windmills and all


Palmer supports renewed carbon price repeal

The leader of the Palmer United Party (PUP), mining billionaire Clive Palmer has confirmed his senators will support a renewed bid by the conservative Liberal-National government to repeal


IEA cuts 2014 oil forecast on weak growth

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has cut its forecast for 2014 oil demand to 92.7 million barrels a day due to weaker than expected global economic growth. The revised

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