Wednesday 25 November 2015

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Latest blow to coal, OECD to end export credits

Members of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) have struck an historic agreement to scale back public financing for coal-fired power plants, dealing another blow to the industry ahead of a global summit on climate change in Paris. […]

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Photographers let’s focus on the wetlands

Photographers of all ages are invited to share their photographs of Australia’s breathtaking wetland environments through the annual Wetlands in Focus Photography Prize. Wetlands in Focus is dedicated


Climate spending surges ahead of Paris summit

Environmental analyst Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) has revealed global spending on projects to cut greenhouse gases and reduce vulnerability to climate change surged 18 per cent last year


G20 leaders stick to ‘2.0°C climate deal’, France cancels summit events

World leaders meeting at the G20 summit in Turkey have vowed to seek a comprehensive climate deal at the upcoming United Nations conference in Paris, as France decided


UN climate summit to go ahead after Paris attacks

The French government vowed to push on with the United Nations climate summit in Paris starting this month and will boost security for the more than 120 world


Hollande: ‘Paris climate talks are not just hot air’

Any global climate change agreement reached in Paris next month will be legally binding and have a concrete impact, France’s President and Foreign Minister both said, reacting to


Report: G20 subsidies must switch from fossil fuel to renewable energy

A new report warns G20 members are still spending US$452 billion a year subsidising fossil fuel production, nearly four times global spending on renewable energy subsidies, despite pledging


Climate Institute says climate plan to deliver only 15% carbon cuts

According to analysis by The Climate Institute think tank the policy at the centre of Australia’s conservative Liberal-National government’s climate plans will deliver just one-seventh of Australia's post-2020


Fabius says ambitious climate change deal in sight

An ambitious agreement on limiting global warming is within reach, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said after a meeting of ministers ahead of the United Nations climate summit


EU to urge coal subsidy cuts, Australia blocking move

European Union sources have said EU negotiators will push other rich countries next week for a robust deal to phase out subsidies for exports of technology used to

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