Saturday 25 October 2014

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Palmer hints at Direct Action deal with govt

Federal politician and mining magnate the Palmer United Party leader Clive Palmer has confirmed he’s had “very productive” talks with the conservative Liberal-National government about its Direct Action plan for dealing with climate. In the past Mr Palmer has dismissed …

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Dow: don’t meddle in world carbon market

The world’s first global carbon market will need less intervention by regulators to succeed, according to major chemical producer Dow Chemical. Politicians must avoid earlier missteps in Europe


Study shows Qld coal grossly overestimated

Business lobby group The Australia Institute (TAI) has released a new study that shows just how significantly overestimated is the contribution of the coal industry to the northern


Not waiting for UN climate plan, business goes green

Uncertainties about long-term curbs on greenhouse gas emissions meant to be agreed at a United Nations summit in 2015 will not deter many big businesses from green investment. That’s


PwC: Competition not science drives climate action

A leading analyst has said competition and regulation push companies to take action to protect themselves from the effects of climate change, not climate science Jon Williams, partner at


Lib-Nat govt gets closer to climate deal

Australia’s conservative Liberal-National government is reportedly quietly confident of reaching a deal to pass its controversial Direct Action climate policy through the upper house Senate. The Carbon Farming Initiative


Study: Natural gas will not slow climate change

According to a new analysis of global energy use, economics and the climate expanding the use of natural gas alone will not slow the growth of greenhouse gas

Wind turbines

Giant battery unit aims at wind storage holy grail

At a windy mountain pass on the edge of the Mojave Desert, the United States most potent collection of batteries used for storing unused power is humming its


Energy giants again call for EU renewables target

A host of Europe's largest engineering and energy firms and trade associations have again called on the bloc's heads of government to deliver a binding renewable energy target


BoE governor warns fossil fuels ‘unburnable’

Reiterating his warning that the vast majority of oil reserves should be considered “unburnable”, Bank of England governor Mark Carney has called for climate change risk to be

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