Friday 29 May 2015

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Wind turbines

Wind farm study finds no ill effects, so study more

After studying all the available research on the issue of illness resulting from exposure to wind farms the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) has found no direct evidence to support the claim. Surprisingly, as a result the NHMRC …

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Scientists slam government’s Barrier Reef plan

In a scathing appraisal of a draft government plan to manage the Great Barrier Reef, Australia’s leading scientific academy has warned the plan was inadequate to restore


Japanese whalers heading back to Antarctic

Just six months after it stopped Japan has told an International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting it will resume its whaling program in the Antarctic. The announcement comes after a


CSIRO: 99.999% likely humans cause of global warming

A new report by Australia’s lead scientific organisation the CSIRO has declared the chances of global warming being the result of human industry as 99.999 per cent likely.


Solar panel development is a clear winner

Researchers have created new "transparent" solar panels that can create solar energy while also letting people to see-through them. The device has been called transparent luminescent solar concentrator, which


Scientists urge ‘national vision’ on US coastal risk

In a National Research Council report a group of top scientists in the United States has called for a fundamental change to how the country deals with risks


Australia wins Japan whaling case in ICJ

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has come down in favour of a case brought by Australia and ruled Japan must immediately stop its whaling program in the


CSIRO doubts govt’s Direct Action climate plan

Australia’s leading scientific research body, CSIRO, has cast doubt on a key aspect of the conservative Liberal-National government's climate change plan. The CSIRO says storing carbon in soil is


Study looks at who is really leading on climate

Scientists have assessed whether corporate climate actions are sufficient and their rankings favour 49 brands, from Astra Zeneca to Volkswagen. The nonprofit group Climate Counts has taken a science-based


Greens query anti-wind farm lobby’s tax status

The Australian Greens Party has queried a number of aspects relating to one of Australia's most prominent anti-wind farm lobbies. The Waubra Foundation is named after the small northwestern

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