Friday 25 July 2014

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Australia wins Japan whaling case in ICJ

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has come down in favour of a case brought by Australia and ruled Japan must immediately stop its whaling program in the Antarctic. The ICJ’s 16-judge panel ruled 12 votes to four in favour …

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CSIRO doubts govt’s Direct Action climate plan

Australia’s leading scientific research body, CSIRO, has cast doubt on a key aspect of the conservative Liberal-National government's climate change plan. The CSIRO says storing carbon in soil is


Study looks at who is really leading on climate

Scientists have assessed whether corporate climate actions are sufficient and their rankings favour 49 brands, from Astra Zeneca to Volkswagen. The nonprofit group Climate Counts has taken a science-based


Greens query anti-wind farm lobby’s tax status

The Australian Greens Party has queried a number of aspects relating to one of Australia's most prominent anti-wind farm lobbies. The Waubra Foundation is named after the small northwestern


Call for 25 per cent total solar power by 2030

Two British scientists have proposed an ambitious plan to tackle the problem graphically described by the latest United Nations report on climate change. Their solution is a massive and urgent


Koalas at risk from rising temperatures

A new study on vulnerable koala populations has found the Australian icon could struggle to survive rising temperatures. Research by a team at the University of Sydney has found


Panel rejects commercial UCG industry in Qld

Companies trialling an underground gas extraction process in Queensland will be asked to prove they can put out underground fires. An independent scientific panel has made three recommendations


World Bank says stop climate change arguing

The president of the World Bank has said the world should stop arguing about whether humans are causing climate change and start taking action to stop dangerous temperature


Funding issue will drive research into ‘abyss’

If politicians do not take a bipartisan and strategic approach to funding research scientists and research organisations have warned of a dire future. Australian Nobel Prize winner Professor


Global warming: consensus is we did it!

A major examination of climate change research has found an overwhelming consensus among scientists that recent warming is human-induced. The study authors said their review of thousands of studies

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